Director of Operations

Summary The Director of Operations will report to the Vice President of Operations and will be responsible for the budgetary control, safety compliance, regulatory compliance, personnel management, scheduling, strategic planning, asset management, facility maintenance, event preparation, event management, emergency action planning, sanctioning body coordination / support, governmental relations, contract reviews, contractor supervision, construction supervision / management, and overall supervision of the Operations department. Which consists of Security, Fire / Safety, Airport, Hall of Fame, Maintenance, Parking, and Reserved Camping operations. The above listed duties and responsibilities may also be amended, added to, or supplemented as the development of the facility evolves, the business model of the company changes, or management deems necessary. Position Responsibilities: Budgetary Control Develop, plan, and supervise all budgets that pertain to the Operations department Coordinate with the managers of the various segments of the Operations department to ensure that adequate quality of service is being provided, customer expectations are being met, and all forms of compliance are being reached for the given budget allotted for that segment of the Operations department. Safety Compliance Ensure that all safety practices, procedures, and regulations are being followed by the employees of the Operations department. Ensure that the managers of each segment of the Operations department are properly supervising and training their respective employees on all safety practices, policies, and procedures. Ensure that employee training records are being maintained and up to date Ensure that all OSHA requirements are being met throughout the Operations department and facility. Inspect and ensure that the facility meets ADA requirements and regulations Coordinate with the sanctioning bodies in order to ensure that all event related safety practices, policies, and procedures are being met Develop and supervise schedules and plans to ensure that the facility meets its duty of responsibility for track guests Regulatory Compliance Supervise the compliance of the facility, employees, guests, competitors, sponsors, and sanctioning bodies with all local, state, federal, and environmental regulations and laws Personnel Management Supervise all aspects of the employees within the Operations department Complete annual evaluations of employees and managers Approve pay and leave through the company ABI system Contribute to the hiring or dismissal of employees Develop staffing and scheduling plans Coordinate with the various segment managers in order to ensure that the most efficient use of manpower is being used to adequately provide a given service or perform an assigned task Contribute to maintaining a positive work environment for Operations employees Scheduling Develop and supervise work schedules to make the most efficient use of company personnel and resources Work through the ABI system to assist in event scheduling Ensure that all areas of the Operations department's responsibilities are being properly covered and met at all times Coordinate event related additional support Strategic Planning Assist in the overall planning for facility development, events, personnel staffing, safety compliance, regulatory compliance, budgeting, policy implementation, marketing strategies, and sponsor activation Asset Management Supervise the inventory of all tools, equipment, vehicles, and supplies that pertains to the Operations department Supervise the proper servicing and working condition of all tools, equipment, vehicles, and supplies that pertain to the Operations department Inspect and supervise the maintenance of all facility structures and infrastructure Facility Maintenance Supervise the maintenance of all facility assets and infrastructure Directly supervise the employees of the Maintenance department Maintain budgetary control of maintenance related spending Develop plans for systematic maintenance and inspections Ensure all codes that are required to be met by the facility are properly met Event Preparation Inspect all aspects of the facility and supervise all aspects of the Operations department in their preparation for an event including staffing, equipment, vehicles, structures, planning, scheduling, event timelines, intradepartmental coordination, communications, contingencies, and budgeting Coordinate with various facility departments to ensure that all of the needs of the facility, guests, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, and broadcast partners are being met Coordinate with the sanctioning bodies prior to the event in order to have all of their needs met prior to their arrival Event Management Manage and supervise all aspects of the Operations departments responsibilities during an event held at the facility Coordinate, schedule, plan, and communicate with all involved parties and organizations concerning any operational issues pertaining to events held at the facility Emergency Action Planning Develop and communicate emergency action plans for the facility in conjunction with governmental agencies supporting the facility and company guidelines Communicate emergency action plans to all facility employees and supervise training in the responsibilities and responses in various scenarios for all facility departments Work in conjunction with other departments at the facility to develop emergency messaging to facility guests, competitors, and employees during times of potential threats to the facility Review the facility EAP for accuracy an update any information which may have changed from the last publication Sanctioning Body Coordination/Support Coordinate with the sanctioning body for events at the facility to ensure that the Operations department's areas of responsibility are in compliance with the standards set for the event Coordinate with the sanctioning body prior to events on any changes that may need to be made to the facility or operational plans for the event Coordinate with the sanctioning body on any infrastructure needs they may have prior to the event Governmental Relations Maintain relations and lines of communication, coordination, and involvement with all governmental entities and agencies having jurisdiction over or any role in supporting events held at the facility Contract Reviews Review and approve contracts involving the various segments of the Operations department in conjunction with the managers of those various segments Review contracts to ensure that all of the needs for a given service are being met within the terms, conditions, and limitations of the contract Coordinate with the marketing department on any potential marketing deals being made that would involve any assets, services, or budgets involving any aspect of the Operations department or its various segments  Review construction contracts involving any aspect of facility construction Develop and review service contracts for events at the facility Contractor Supervision Supervise the contractor provided services for the facility that pertain to any aspect of the Operations department's responsibilities  Coordinate scheduling and facility access with the contractors performing services at the facility Supervise the safety programs of the contractors and ensure that every contractor is in compliance with standard work safety practices for the services they provide Ensure that all contractors are in compliance with all legal, regulatory, and industry standards for the services they provide Construction Supervision/Management Supervise all construction projects performed at the facility Coordinate with contractors and company departments in developing plans and schedules for completing the construction projects Work in conjunction with company departments, contractors, and facility staff in developing plans and scope of work for various construction projects to be completed at the facility Identify facility infrastructure needs and assist in budgeting for the costs of the construction for those needs Manage construction projects and applicable construction budgets for construction projects performed by the facility and not involving company level project management Supervision of the Operations Department Employees Supervise the daily routine of the maintenance department's employees and the daily maintenance of the facility Schedule and approve payrolls for all maintenance department employees Provide annual evaluations of the maintenance department employees and the Managers of the various Operations department segments Schedule all maintenance department employees work schedules and task assignments for events  Qualifications Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) and/or 3-5 years of work experience in the outdoor entertainment/event production industry (racetrack, stadium, or other fast-paced entertainment venue). 5 - 10 years experience in a facility management role Experience with accounts payable, payroll processing, financial reporting and budgeting. Valid driver's license.  Will need to successfully pass a driver's license authorization. High degree of initiative and know-how to organize/prioritize, and ability to see projects through to completion. Good computer skills, including MS Office Basic knowledge of building codes, construction practices, OSHA requirements and paving / concrete maintenance / upkeep Ability to work with multiple sanctioning bodies Excellent communication and time management skills with friendly and professional demeanor. Must be able to work in a team environment interacting with multiple departments. Must be well organized with attention to detail. Must possess a positive attitude, self-confidence, professionalism, integrity, motivation, and a very strong work ethic. Ability and willingness to work nights, weekends, and holidays as business requires - this person is often the first one in to start the day and the last to leave at the end of the day. Ability to lift 50# or more. Routine exposure to extreme heat/cold and loud noise conditions. Ability to climb ladders, stairs, and work on various lift/platforms at various heights and in confined spaces.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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